• upmysport go off-road

    Posted in startups on October 20, 2014

    So the upmysort team had a pretty sweet friday.

    We started the day in style with some Bacon and Egg Naans from Dishoom, arguably the best breakfast in town, before strolling over to the Olympic Park.

    But before we got there had second and third breakfast at the awesome E5 Bakehouse.  You’ve gotta refuel if you’re to perform at your best..

    Mobot/ Lightening Bolt/ ambiguous

    Lightning Bolt/ Mobot/ ambiguous

    Having Carbo/Caffeine/Chocolate Brownie-loaded we checked out the Olympic Park. Beautiful sunshine, and for those of us who had been at the Olympics two years before, great memories. We headed over to the Velodrome where it’s pretty safe to say team GB smashed it in 2012.


    It was time for action. At the Lee Valley Velo Park there are all sorts of cycling antics you can get involved in. You can ride on the track, road, BMX park, velodrome or go  mountain biking. Whilst deliberating which to go for we suddenly realised that Neil was nowhere to be seen..


    Mountain Biking. No- brainer.

    With different trails of varying difficulty- blue, red and black, there really is something for everyone. We explored the trails for a couple of hours, Michael tried to do a black trail and fell off and broke his bike, and London delivered a bit of sunshine. All good.

    As the afternoon drew to a close we stopped off at the local Crate Brewery.


    Delicious pizzas, beers and a great spot right on the river. It was a lovely opportunity to welcome Antonia to the team and enjoy all being in the same city. We meandered back to our Old Street home feeling good.

    There’s something hugely rewarding about trying something new– especially when you’ve got someone who knows the ropes and can make sure you enjoy the experience as much as possible.

    Follow us on twitter, Like us on Facebook, and say hello if you’ve got a sport or activity you think we should try..


  • Office furniture at upmysport

    Posted in startups on April 26, 2012

    Office furniture is not a topic that traditionally gets the juices flowing but it has come to mean a great deal to the upmysport team. Working in a startup that has had a number of different locations the office furniture (OF) tends to become quite a big deal. From our early days in Steve’s front room our surroundings have always been important. Our putting mat rightly took centre stage and has been a symbol of the type of company and environment we would like to create.

    The putting mat makes another appearance in the blog.. (royalties requested)

    It’s quite staggering how much of an impact the OF can have on your working day and we firmly believe that it can have a direct effect on the quality of work produced, something we hadn’t really considered when working for large corporations. It’s amazing how a mid-morning putting competition after a taxing morning crunching google analytics data can put you in a much better frame of mind to tackle the afternoon’s challenges!

    New additions to the office #chairs

    For those who have been following our progress closely, you’ll know that when moving to our new offices in Faringdon we managed to end up with a two seat sofa as our only means of seating. So it is with great excitement we can announce that after 3 weeks of sofa sitting we have now purchased some fully working office chairs. We are also very keen to add to our environment and make sure that while being very functional it is also a fun and engaging place to work, so we would love to hear any suggestions you have for further office furniture additions. The contenders so far:

  • We’ve moved!

    Posted in startups on April 2, 2012

    What with the beta site going live, new facebook timeline and our first booking request (thanks Sarah!), March was a particularly eventful month for upmysport. And what better way to start off April than with a move into our first proper office.

    Based very close to Farringdon station, the new upmysport HQ is a light and airy spot, perfect for the summer ahead – with the added bonus of having just enough space for our golf putting mat.

    As seems usual for a startup, this is the 4th place of work in our short history:

    1. August – September 2011: Steve’s front room, Kennington

    Every startup needs a first office and Steve’s lounge proved ideal for forming our early strategy and working out what needed to be done.  Bonuses included space for the putting mat, regular barbecues in the garden and a superb boules pitch in nearby Cleaver Square.

    2. Last week in September 2011: Nicola’s apartment in Chamonix

    An action-packed week in the Chamonix sunshine plotting our next moves was a highlight for the team – particularly as the UK Summer had failed to deliver in a spectacular way.  We found time for some hiking, golf and a couple of morning runs – and many more boules competitions.  Or is it pétanque?  All to get the brain cells working…

    3. October 2011 – March 2012: Clerkenwell Workshops, Clerkenwell

    After growing out of Steve’s house, we moved into shared offices based in Clerkenwell which was great for mixing with other startupy type people and there are some excellent lunch spots at nearby Exmouth Market – we’re big fans of the Thai van and the mushroom risotto stall, and we love the coffee and porridge at Caravan.  But it did lack in sports facilities.

    4. April 2012 onwards: Saffron Hill, Farringdon

    Our fabulous new office in the enticingly named Saffron Hill, just by Farringdon station!

    The team have already met some challenges with a slight mix up in communication leading to Steve and Alex turning up to the new office with 4 sets of drawers and a sofa instead of the hoped-for 3 chairs.  This was made ever so slightly worse by the 2nd floor position of upmysport HQ #4 and the locked elevator. So after a heavy lifting afternoon, we’re now thinking 4 long flights of stairs with a sofa and 4 drawers could be a new workout!

    Saffron Hill Photo

    Steve exhausted after the big climb...

    We’re sharing our wonderful space with another startup, Llustre. Check them out to discover beautiful design pieces for your home.  We’re just hoping they like putting competitions…

    P.S. we still live in hope of a kind chair donor.  If you have any going spare, let us know!  Otherwise, we’re off to Ikea…