• We’re live! Come join us…

    Posted in upmysport on March 23, 2012

    Hi there!

    We’d love to show you a sneak preview of upmysport before our official launch in a few weeks time…

    To see what we’ve been working on and book your first lesson with our Personal Trainers, Tennis and Golf instructors in London, head to


    And each month we’re giving away £100 to spend on sports and fitness tuition to one of our newsletter subscribers, so make sure you and your friends sign up.

  • Introducing upmysport!

    Posted in upmysport on March 21, 2012

    Hi, and welcome to upmysport! We thought it was about time we started blogging and introduced ourselves properly.  If you’ve been following our progress on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll know we’re all about getting more people involved in sport and fitness.  But for those of you hearing about us for the first time, here’s a brief intro…

    We’re a couple of friends in our 20s (late 20s…ok some of us are 30…) who used to spend a lot of time sat at our desks in our respectable jobs planning the next ski course, surf lesson or fitness class – something to escape from the humdrumness of every day working life.  We dreamed of getting back to our sporting roots, reliving the learning experiences and sense of achievement we had when we were younger, and getting fit again!

    What we found was that it’s pretty difficult to easily find and book instructors, courses and classes online. In a world where we regularly book hotel rooms and flights online (and the odd takeaway!), why not sports and fitness tuition?

    So 6 months ago we quit our jobs to focus full time on creating a site to make it easier to find and book instructors, courses and classes online.  Because we know it’s often the guided sessions that get us learning and wanting to do more.

    Since then, we’ve spoken to lots of instructors to understand the challenges they face. And we’ve heard from many sports passionate folk of all ability levels about what’s important to them in choosing instructors, courses and classes.  All to help us build a site that people actually want to use.

    We’re launching in London very very soon and we’ve got some fantastic instructors signed up and waiting to take your first bookings. Starting with tennis, golf and personal training initially, but watch this space as we’ll be adding more sports and locations soon.

    Here’s to a sports and fitness filled 2012!