Our favourite bits of golf coaching advice

Posted in golf on April 13, 2012

We really enjoyed watching Bubba Watson’s brilliant masters win last weekend, which was made all the more impressive by the fact that he has never had a golf lesson or analysed his swing on video.

While this is incredible, sadly we can’t all be self-taught major winners! So this got us thinking at upmysport hq about the best bits of coaching advice we had received during our many hours of golf lessons, here goes….

Steve, Handicap: 15 on a good day

“Check where you’re aiming: after playing a shot lay your club across your feet, take a step back, and prepare to be amazed!” J.Cundy (golf pro), c.1997

I used to have the classic hockey players ‘banana’ slice. I couldn’t understand why my ball started off left and then took on a life of its own, usually landing in deep rough somewhere on the right! I confidently thought I was aiming straight, and refused to believe it when my instructor insisted my feet were directing me way off to the right. He’d clearly dealt with stubborn clients before. By getting me to simply lay down my club and look where I was aiming, he actually turned me into a golfer with a handicap and gave me a really good self-coaching tip I still use today (though my game hasn’t improved much)!

Steve honing his skills at the range

Alex, Handicap: 20 in fine weather, 34 with wind

“Make sure you keep you arms straight, like levers”  M.Pengelly, c.2003

While this may not be an earth-shattering piece of advice or especially technical it really turned my game around. After playing a lot of cricket during the summer of 2003 my iron play had resembled a leg glance with the ball tending to head for a long hook right. My arms were bending and I wasn’t completing my swing and I was really not enjoying myself out on the course. These few words during a group golf lesson at school gave a focal point to my swing and genuinely went a long way to remind me that golf can be an enjoyable game!

A picture of Alex not listening to his best bit of coaching advice...

Nicola, Handicap: in post

“Keep your eye on the ball”  R. Stanning, c. 2005

As a total beginner golfer, I’d be swaying around and missing the ball on half the swings I took – and end up looking out in the general direction of where I thought I’d made the shot wondering where on earth it had gone.

Then a good friend, and much better golfer, made me focus intensely on the ball and keep watching it until the precise moment the club makes contact. It’s a simple and well known tip, but it really helped me to focus and make more direct hits than misses.

Nicola seemingly more at home on the mini golf course

Are there any other tips that have really helped you over the years? Coming soon…the upmysport golf instructors giving their own best bits of coaching advice. In the meantime why not check out our awesome golf pros here.