What do you look for in a personal trainer?

Posted in personal training on September 26, 2012

At upmysport we believe teaming up with a personal trainer can be a fantastic way to help you achieve your sporting aspirations and give renewed focus to your health and fitness goals. We also know how difficult it is to juggle such virtuous aspirations alongside a myriad of work and other personal commitments!

Finding a personal trainer who is the right fit for you is key. We spoke to some of London’s busiest people to find out more about what they look for.

Lisa, a Banker, says she “always” looks for a personal trainer that can offer nutrition advice and Simon, an Events Producer, knows that he needs, “someone, who will push me” and most importantly, “help me quit smoking.” Many people want help to achieve a specific goal. Bobby, a Lawyer at an investment bank,  explains how he chose his last personal trainer because he “had a specific objective in mind – increasing my stamina and pace for long distance running.”

More general factors are also important, including location.”It needs to be convenient,” says Dorothea, a Lawyer and keen triathlete. “I would also look at who their other clients are. Being able to see they already work with a diverse range of people is reassuring. That way I can be confident they can tailor the sessions to meet my particular needs. It is also important that the trainer looks fit and healthy too – it’s a good sign that they know what works!”

Personal Trainer Dave Selkirk in action

Taking the first step back into fitness is not easy and can often feel impossible. As one City lawyer put it, “Having a personal trainer would just add loads more missed appointments into the sorry mix that is my work-life balance.”

Don’t worry readers, upmysport is launching a jail break for this City inmate. Yeah, that’s right. We’ve got contacts on the inside.

It’s not just those in the City that find the work–life-fitness balance a challenge.

Journalist Ellie explains, “As a new Mum, it’s really hard to get time for myself, so I’d be looking for a personal trainer who can be flexible and work around my schedule. Some nights I don’t get a lot of sleep -I’d appreciate someone who understands that.  I would also love to know of ways to exercise while caring for my baby – whilst pushing the buggy round the park and so on. It would be fantastic to find a trainer who could help me do this.”

Juggling child care and training can be challenging.

Harriet, a Play Therapist who loves tennis and swimming, is looking for a personal trainer that can help  improve her fitness level and provide a stepping stone into other sports, “Variety is really important. I would want them to help me explore different training techniques and introduce me to other sports.” Balancing child care around training is also an issue. “Sessions where I can take my step son (who is eleven) and where he can participate or there are child care facilities would be great.”

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