In the Sportlight: From teacher to GB Olympian, Dan Fox

Posted in sport on July 26, 2012

A geography teacher until 2010, Dan Fox has become an integral part of the GB hockey squad, and now has over 40 international caps to his name. “We’re going to win”…Dan takes 60 seconds out on the eve of the Games to tell us about his sporting history (and impressive claim to fame!), pre-game toilet habits, advice for anyone struggling to be active, and GB hockey’s chances of a medal….



Name: Dan Fox

Main sport: Hockey, Team GB

Other sports past & present: Cricket. Whiff Waff.

Best sporting moment: World Cup Semi final, Delhi 2010

Worst sporting moment: Dropped from the England Squad for the Commonwealth Games 2010, by text, in a field in N Wales.

Funniest sporting moment: Ran my Dad out without facing in cricket match [funny on reflection – not at the time]

Claim to fame: Better first class average than Brian Lara..!

Sporting Hero (& why): Jonathan Edwards. Earnest and brilliant – Stockholm 97.


The 60 Second Interview

How did you first get into hockey, and what made you keep going with it?

My parents played every weekend, so I had little choice but to start, but simply – I’ve always enjoyed it.

So, you’ve gone from being a geography teacher to an Olympic hockey player. How did that come about?! 

Except at the very top level – hockey is an amateur sport, so I went to university and got a job that would allow me pursue a future in sport alongside earning a living. Progressively I taught less and trained more until in 2010 I took the plunge, went full time and by 2011 received lottery funding in the build up to London 2012.

Sport you could never get the hang of… 

Gymnastics – being the wrong way up isn’t natural.

Not natural… (©JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Any sport(s) you want to try, or get better at? 

Golf – might go on a course.

What would you say to someone wanting to be more active but not sure where to start? 

Sport reduces stress and makes you feel better. Always have this at the forefront of your mind – and the reasons not to play or take up sport will fade into insignificance.

Best bit of coaching advice received

Never lose your sense of humour.

Any pre-match superstitions or rituals? 

Only the involuntary need to go to the loo about 8 times.

What’s the mood like in the Team GB hockey camp so close to the Games? Focusing on medals, or taking it one match at a time?

We’re going to win and I know we couldn’t have done any more than we have in preparation for the tournament.

How can we best show our support for Team GB hockey? 

Wear red to the games, make as much noise as possible, and if you want to follow us more closely then you can via twitter @danfox450 @GBHockey

And finally…we currently cover golf, tennis and personal training – which sport(s) do you think we should do next and why?

Badminton, table tennis; great fun, regardless of the British weather.

Thanks a lot to Dan for taking the time out of his very hectic pre-London schedule to chat with us, and most importantly good luck with the Games! GB have their first Olympic game against Argentina on Monday night  at 7pm, catch it live on the BBC.