Office furniture at upmysport

Posted in startups on April 26, 2012

Office furniture is not a topic that traditionally gets the juices flowing but it has come to mean a great deal to the upmysport team. Working in a startup that has had a number of different locations the office furniture (OF) tends to become quite a big deal. From our early days in Steve’s front room our surroundings have always been important. Our putting mat rightly took centre stage and has been a symbol of the type of company and environment we would like to create.

The putting mat makes another appearance in the blog.. (royalties requested)

It’s quite staggering how much of an impact the OF can have on your working day and we firmly believe that it can have a direct effect on the quality of work produced, something we hadn’t really considered when working for large corporations. It’s amazing how a mid-morning putting competition after a taxing morning crunching google analytics data can put you in a much better frame of mind to tackle the afternoon’s challenges!

New additions to the office #chairs

For those who have been following our progress closely, you’ll know that when moving to our new offices in Faringdon we managed to end up with a two seat sofa as our only means of seating. So it is with great excitement we can announce that after 3 weeks of sofa sitting we have now purchased some fully working office chairs. We are also very keen to add to our environment and make sure that while being very functional it is also a fun and engaging place to work, so we would love to hear any suggestions you have for further office furniture additions. The contenders so far: