Some of our favourite athletes keeping the Olympic legacy alive!

Posted in expert insights on May 11, 2015

Last week part of our community descended upon the Olympic Park for some masterclass antics led by three-time Olympian Yamile Aldama and GB triple-jumper Julien Allwood.

masterclass chat

upmysport organised the masterclasses, in partnership with Nuclear Races and the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust to get competitors in ship-shape for an upcoming obstacle course event- The Nuclear Rush. It was pretty cool to have some some top athletes on board to lead our session, and there’s something about getting your sweat on at the Olympic Park that just feels right, you know?


And for Steve, one of upmysport’s co-founders, the masterclass was an exciting way to kick-start our new partnership with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust: ‘we were really excited to bring something a bit special to Londoners looking for a great workout. The Trust is literally teeming with inspirational, world-class instructors and mentors, and we want to make it as easy as possible for people to meet them.’

hills print

The warm-up was tasty.. We were pushed through some circuit training and all-body movements to get the heart-rate up at the start of the session.

mastercalss warm up

There was some intense focus out there. With the event looming large, people were making sure they got the most out of this chance to train. Julien gave us his training philosophy: ‘elite performance is a combination of pushing through barriers, working closely with others and discipline. The Masterclass gave individuals an opportunity to understand this cocktail for success!’


Then, if there’s one thing world-class triple jumpers know how to do, it’s stretch.

masterclass stretch

Speaking to some of the guys there, it sounds like the everyone worked hard but had a giggle or two along the way.

Instructors know that word-of-mouth and reputation are key to growing a successful business. That’s why we’ve brought the benefits of these marketing tools online; George, Alex and Anthony all left reviews on Julien’s upmysport profile.


It was also a good chance for us to get some feedback on our app. For Julien, the instructor app meant that he was able to accept people onto the masterclass, take payment and chat to his clients on-the-go. Julien is a busy dude; training himself, looking after his clients and growing his business all take time.

We’re pretty stoked with his feedback: ‘before I was trying to arrange this stuff via whats app, the next minute I get a txt, then I have to chase a voicemail. It was all just a bit much. The upmysport app means that I never miss an opportunity, and the stress is taken out of organising a big group session.’ 

app demos

We’re always improving our tools, and based on the feedback we’re getting from some of our top coaches we know we’ve made a lot of progress towards making it as easy, and as simple as possible to manage an instruction business.

But there’s a lot of sport to be played this summer; lots of new instructors to meet and lots of ideas to be shared. So if you’re an instructor that wants to join our community and help us build upmysport, or a participant that wants to be kept in the loop next time we organise some masterclasses- drop us a line! Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.