Meet the founders part 1: Nicola Hurst

Posted in upmysport on May 16, 2012

We’ve been officially launched for about a month now so we thought it was about time we learnt a bit more about the team behind upmysport. First up is CEO and co-founder Nicola Hurst:

Has startup life been as you expected?

I always expected running a startup would involve a lot of hard work, which it does. But actually it doesn’t really feel like work. To wake up every morning knowing you’re going to spend the day doing something you believe in with a passionate team is pretty incredible. Day to day startup life is also so varied. With a small team, you have to get involved in whatever needs doing that day from finance to marketing to product design so there’s no chance of getting bored.

Startup life is tough...

Favourite sports?

Tennis, Skiing, Squash, Kitesurfing

Just relaxing in the sea..

Just relaxing in the sea..

Best sporting achievement?

Completing the Haute Route, a 114-mile 5 day ski touring route between Zermatt in Switzerland and Chamonix in France. I had prepared for months beforehand and so the sense of achievement in reaching the end was amazing.

Nicola REALLY enjoyed the Haut route!

Nicola REALLY enjoyed the Haut route!

Sport you have always wanted to try?

Too many to mention, but ice climbing is definitely up there!

Which sport have you always thought you could do better at?

Windsurfing. I’ve taken quite a few lessons over the years and gained my RYA Level 2. But I don’t go very often so still feel like a beginner which is really frustrating.

Sportsperson you model yourself on:

Justine Henin. I only wish my one-handed backhand was anywhere near as good as hers!

Join us tomorrow when we find out what makes fellow co-founder Steve Brindley tick.