Meet the founders part 2: Steve Brindley

Posted in upmysport on May 23, 2012

After last week’s quick delve into the soul of upmysport CEO Nicola Hurst, this week it’s the turn of co-founder and COO Steve Brindley to answer a few questions..

Has startup life been as you expected?

Yes, and more! I was expecting fun, hard work (most of the time!), a steep learning curve, and a huge level of satisfaction. What I’ve experienced so far is an important reminder that you create your own destiny, it’s up to you to do stuff about it, and you should never just accept the status quo. I also think you need two crucial ingredients for an enjoyable startup life; a passion for the subject, and a smart, supportive team (I’ll stop before I get emotional).

Wearing a (pink) hat indoors is an underreported perk of startup life..

Favourite sports?

Golf, skiing, hockey, surfing & kitesurfing (very much a beginner in the last two!)

Best sporting achievement?

Tough one. Captaining U18 Warwickshire county hockey is up there (the glory days!), but I actually feel really proud of remaining undefeated with my brother throughout all our junior golf league matches. That’s quite a few matches across multiple years, seeing off some fierce opposition. It’s made all the more memorable because it was just about the only time we didn’t argue whilst growing up (brotherly love…)!

Sport you have always wanted to try?

I’d actually quite like to give boxing a go sometime…

Which sport have you always thought you could do better at?

Skiing. I didn’t start learning until I was 19, so unlike the 4 year old French kids who fly down the mountain, I was all too aware of what could go wrong. Certain friends always bring up the time I refused to tackle a tricky black run in Tignes on day 6 of my skiing career, and so choosing to walk back up to the top of the slope (epic fail)! Having been multiples times now, I have improved a lot but could definitely have a few more lessons and really apply myself.…

All that uphill skiwalking can take it out of you!

Sportsperson you model yourself on?

I don’t really! I’m much more one for admiring traits in certain sports people: Usain Bolt for effortless excellence, Beckham for dedication and turning around his fortunes since the nightmare of the world cup ’98, and Tanni-grey Thompson for helping to transform the image of disablility sport.

So that was what made Steve tick, looking out in the coming weeks as we meet the rest of the team at upmysport…