Meet the team: Alex Keal

Posted in upmysport on June 13, 2012

After finding out a little bit more about the two founders in recent weeks, it’s now about time that other key upmysport team members make themselves known. First up it’s the turn of Alex, upmysport’s resident marketing brain and blogger extraordinaire (his words..)

A big hitter..

Has startup life been as you expected?
Coming from a very non-startupy background I did have a lot of cliché preconceptions about what startup life would be like. Shorts to work, table football in the office kind of thing, and while these are some of the perks of working in a new small business they are just the icing on the cake. The thing that has brought the most satisfaction while working in a startup is being able to directly influence the business from day one without the long chain of command you would face in larger firms. The other preconception about working at a startup is that it’s easy. This is certainly not the case! There is a lot of hard work, but the work is very rewarding and the feedback almost instantaneous, which is great!

Favourite sports?
I have always loved all sports (motorsport not included; is it even a sport?) but my true passion lies with team sports, and in particular Football and Rugby. Skiing and golf are also sports close to my heart.

No salopettes, no poles, no idea...

Best sporting achievement?
A little while ago now but…playing in the rugby 1st team at school with a number of current England internationals. Playing county hockey from u13 to u18 was also great fun.

Sport you have always wanted to try?
I have always liked the look of, and wanted to be good at, extreme sports like skateboarding and BMX; seeing some of the things they can do on video is often mind blowing. I also like the look of Kitesurfing, and feel like this wet and windy summer could be the perfect time to try it.

Which sport have you always thought you could do better at?
Tennis is a sport that I have always loved playing but always been inordinately bad at. I can just about fudge my way through a set or two but it’s never graceful. Underarm serves are often a low point.

Contemplating another missed forehand...

Sportsperson you model yourself on?
As a footballer I always wanted to be like Paul Scholes but usually ended up playing something of a cross between a slow Claude Makelele and a slow Darren Fletcher. I still have hopes for a mid 20’s reinvention. In rugby I always love watching Umanga, and more recently Jamie Roberts, for their no-nonsense approach to providing go-forward and an obvious platform for their teams.

Thanks to Alex for that! and thanks to you for joining us for our latest look at the people behind, we hope you feel like you know us just that little bit better! Stay tuned for our next ‘meet the team’ when Rik, our great head developer, will go under the microscope.