New Digs and New People

Posted in upmysport on July 4, 2014

We thought we’d bring you the low down on what’s been happening at upmysport HQ.

We have a new office, new team members and an ever-growing community of brilliant instructors. Our London office is now based at TechHub; an exciting environment in which several young companies are coming up with cool solutions to a wide range of problems .


Our new office overlooks London’s Silicon Roundabout. The area is now home to over 5000 tech companies. The sun has been shining and we’ve been settling in nicely.


It places us squarely in the middle of the London’s buzzing start-up scene whilst also providing us with a little bit of peace (the table tennis room has hosted many a meeting.)


George works on his backhand

We share the space with several other start ups. Companies doing all sorts of things- ranging from food to real estate, from lifestyle to education.


And our team is expanding. Despite a broken elbow one of our new interns, Hetty, is taking names with her paddle..


Hetty dominating the table

And our other new intern, Michael, is desperately trying to live up to his self-proclaimed title ‘The King of Spin.’


Michael, not so much

We’re also hiring. We’re looking for an experienced software engineer and team lead to work with the CTO and help lead the current distributed development team.

We’ve got lots of exciting things to share with you this summer. But before we do, I think we’re popping out to get some ice cream.