Sport & Fitness Instructors and the web: 2011 survey results

Posted in upmysport on November 1, 2012

Here at upmysport we have been working hard on our 2nd annual survey, so we thought it would be a great time to show off what we found out last year, hearing back from instructors across 30+ sports and fitness activities.

Our ultimate aim is to inspire more people to reach their potential in sport and fitness – we think instructors are at the heart of achieving this. Regularly listening to instructors is really important to us, and it helps us develop a site and blog that works for everyone. We sent our first survey out even before we had a name or a website….read on for last year’s results and take a look at to see what it has helped to deliver so far.

Or…fast-forward to this year’s survey:


What did we find out?

More Web please

90% of instructors want to use the internet more

Just like consumers, instructors want to use the web more. It may seem obvious, but we wanted to make sure of it (to make sure there was a demand from instructors for upmysport) and it was great news – we can help that 90% use the web for all it has on offer, and hopefully the other 10% too!

It needs to be free and flexible

Over 80% of instructors wanted the website to be free upfront to advertise on. Again you may think we could have guessed people wouldn’t want to shed out a load of money just to be online, but we now know for sure. So we listened to the responses and set up what we think is a fair system, which leaves you free to come and go anytime, and maintain your reputation where ever you are.

Chris Game one of our golf instructors agrees “Finally, a way to advertise my lessons that’s simple to use and has no upfront fees!

Sort out the issues 

What do we need to offer that can help instructors? Help with marketing; we give everyone a profile on the web that can be found through Google (pretty neat to see yourself rise up Google results with no effort), and of course do all the extra marketing to bring people to the site in a way people struggle to do alone (online ads, social media, corporate relationships and more).

Golf Pros Nick and Matt, and many others, listed the biggest issue as “Time management”.

It is something we all struggle with. upmysport helps remove extra time spent on thankless tasks like booking & payments admin, and frees up time to actually help people in sport and fitness. Managing bookings – a big problem; we help by providing a really simple booking system, and doing cool stuff like sending instructors a text when they get a booking.

Bring ‘word of mouth’ reputation online

Over 40% of instructors felt that they received most of their business from customers telling others about them; we have designed upmysport to be as personal and all about the instructor as possible, and let customers do just that. There are also cool ways for instructors to build their reputation by adding a video, personal intro, contributing to our blog (….and lots more to come.

Fill in the gaps 

Finally we found almost everybody could take on new clients: over 50% always had space. So whether there’s a new instructor looking to build a client base, or an established one who just wants a few extra off-peak bookings, we are here to fill those spaces and be flexible to instructors needs. Already very busy? You can hide your profile for a bit (with one click), or take the opportunity to create group courses so more people can benefit, all focused on getting more people reaching their potential in sport and fitness.

So much space for upmysport to fill!

To finish we thought you might be interested in the range of sports represented in last year’s survey (we were!). We really want to expand it this year, so please do pass on the link below to anyone who might be interested:

Aikido (traditional), Aikido (competitive), Badminton, Boxing, Canoe/kayak, Cheerleading, Climbing, Fencing, Golf, Gymnastics, Horse Riding, Judo, Karate (traditional), Karate (competitive), Kickboxing, Kitesurfing, Muay Thai, MMA, Mountain Biking, Personal Training, Polo, Power Boating, Running, Sailing, Self defence, Skiing, Snowboarding, Squash, Stand up Paddle boarding, Surfing, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Telemark Skiing, Tennis, Thai Boxing, Trampolining, Wakeboarding,  Windsurfing

We want to reach our potential so we can help others reach theirs.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola, Steve and all the upmysport team